Friday, May 24, 2013

Graduation 畢業篇


Before this, there are many question marks in my head. This is because there are too many choices for me to choose for my future. I do made up a decision that continue for Phd previously but it seems to be a tough journey and i am actually realizing that i am not having that much of passion anymore in studying. I am now more keen to moeny, money and MONEY! This is the one of the society sickness that making everybody is so looking up on the money. 5 years are just too long for me i guess because i am too ambitious and my family is needing me so i have to come out and work. 

Previously, dilemma really killing me either pursuing study or working and now even the dilemma is killing me again by making a decision whether to stay in Malaysia or going to Singapore. Somehow, i am very gracious and thank God that i have quite a number of choices to make. Some local companies are offering a great salary to me. There are also few companies from Singapore which are not too bad as well in term of the salary. Anyway, i am actually making a decision to go to a company in Singapore and signing up for a 2.5 years contract there this coming tuesday but all in sudden my mind is starting to have some discussion whether staying in Malaysia will be a better choice in order to success faster? Haiz, it is hard to make a firm decision again!

Subsequently, if i am going to Singapore meaning that i can only coming back to meet my mom and my family members once in a long while. I do hope i can earn as much as possible so that i can let my mom and my dad enjoy their life when they reach 60 meaning that i am still having 10 more years to work on it so that they can put down all the burdens the have in us and enjoy their lives. My parents have worked so hard for us 4 siblings in order to get us what the other children is having during their childhood and teen age. Since we are from a poor family when we was young but somehow they manged to get us some toys no matter it is new or 2nd hand. By the way, i am only managed to remember that i am only having a brand remote racing car when i was young. Somehow, i cherished for what i am having. Last year, my mom and dad managed to board on a plane and going to Sabah for their very first time vacation. I do hope i can sponsor them a luxurious vacation each year later when i am coming out to work later on. Therefore, if someone who are so bad luck to become my girl friend, please do not blame me for not buying LV, Gucci, Prada those.If you think you deserve for all these i think u better find another man who are managed to do so. Not to say i don willing to spend just that i think spending wisely is very important in planning for future. This is also another harsh part in my life as i am having quite a high requirement in acquiring a girl friend. For example, look decent, medium size, around 160-168cm height, if possible having a double eyes lid and prominent nose face features. haha, i think i surely still sleeping and keeping myself in my dreamland that's why i still being single since i was born.

Somehow, university life is ending soon and i surely missing it very much with a bunch of silly coursemates by keep calling me handsome james or bomber king 大炮王。The day of doing gym, plying basketball, swimming together all will be ended soon. Wish you guys to be having a great future and not forgetting me! If anyone of you read my blog please remember to keep in touch with me after the graduation and invite me for the wedding dinner yea! This is my promise, no matter how far and where is you wedding is located i will be there!