Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yeah! I Am Back!

It has been 2 months or more for not visiting this blog as I am busying with my work.
I was working in Astro On Demand for last 2 months and now i stopped.
Anyway,It is a good working experience for me
It is some kind of telemarketing job that you have to call out the customers
And now I am done
I quit the job
waiting for my university reply from the government
I wish I pray and I believe that i will be selected by the good local university and getting the particular subject that I am applying.
May God Bless ME

One week before I stop my work, my friend planned a trip to our Malaysia historical city which was given the name " Melaka"
Melaka actually is a small town
which full of the sense of history.
There are many historical places
There are varities of cuisine and food can be found over here
But We friends are decided to explore a street named jonker street..

Let us move on to the photos we have taken during the trip

Our Dinner