Friday, December 15, 2017

The Despair Man

Yeah it is the end of 2017, another year passed and I am still here and being the same ordinary person again. In general, at least once a year I will login back to here and to sumarize my life throughout the year because I seems to be very forgetful all these days so I must find a way to keep me remember things that I have gone through. Once in a blue moon, reading the things I have shared here is also one of my entertainment too.

 Well, 2017 is not a very bad year by the way, at least i got myself travelled and visited few places. I went Krabi -> Chiang mai-> Bangkok -> Korea. I have also made videos of the places in order to keep me reminded with my joys back in the trips. I have no ideas why I will be going so many places this year. Every gang of my friends asked me for one place and thus ended up with all these places then, I guessed. Although I have spent somewhat extra on all these but the joys I had make me feel they worth it. I am getting POOR~~~~~ Argg!

When we gets old, we seem to be more afraid in making decision. This year, I want to make myself a good decision too, whether to stay or go, whether to let go or maintain, whether to give up or pushing forward. Positive and negative, black and white, it always drives people in dilemma. Well, I think I am kinda made up my mind though, cannot be staying intact there anymore, time to rock and rolls before we are too late to do so.

Anyhow, let’s pray for the best for 2018 as there are 2 more weeks to go only. First, I would like to try my luck in applying for working holiday, next, applying for new job and then get myself changing for new environment. But where is the best place and what job fits me the best? Pray ah Pray ah~ My Almighty Lord please grant me a good job and a new start toward the year of 2018. Bad job and working environment really drive people motiveless in doing everything.  No comments on that, lets everything turn all right in 2018. 

Happy New Year!!

Krabi 2017

Korea 2017