Sunday, January 31, 2010

Random Writting

Feel like blogging suddenly...haha...well, I just finished my test 1 and gradually getting bored with the extra leisure time I got.
I have been trying to find things to do, for example, going for exercises, plying games,watching dramas and so on for almost everyday...
But still, it helps nothing to satisfy me.
I am praying hardly everyday too for the things I eagerly wanted in my life..But God has HIS time....Somehow, I am always waiting for HIM...

Well, Chinese New Year is arriving in 2 weeks time..everyone is getting themselves prepared for this grand festive season..I am not missed out too for sure..^.^
I went almost all the popular shopping malls around the JB town and this coming tuesday I will be going to singapore again see if there are good stuff to purchase or not..I will be skipping classes again..waahhah

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hi Friends I am Back!! Oh No~ this blog has been abandoned for quite a long time since the last post..
I am still figuring out what are the things that I want to share actually..It's OK
Let's start off by telling you guys What I have gone through today.
Firstly, I have been called for an interview by my seniors!! This is some sort of special interview I guess because the discusion topic was about 'Skipping Class'.
Why I am the chosen one? Am I look like a class skipper? I guess NO right? Don ever say YES my Friends! XD
I am Still wondering who is the one who gave them my contact..I got someone in my head now anyways..^.^
HE told the seniors that I am actually skipping the classes quite frequently and I can still be able to get CGPA 4.0 for the previous semester.I am not boasting about my result but I just want to clarify that it all depends on luck as I was not really doing well in the test too..Got it?Come ON! Do not misunderstood my meaning. ^.^
Anyhow, after an hour of interviewing, I got a big relief on myself even though I have been asked for so many questions during the interview session. I hope that the information that I have given to them will be sufficient enough.

Secondly, Still remember the post that I posted in my facebook 1 week before this? It was about the test. It was agitating me always as if I cannot get 10/15 marks at least, surely I will be dying in my final exam later. Thank God that the result I got for today is 12.
Ha ha ha...
But sadly to say that most probably I will not be able to mantain the 4 flat result I am having previously.This is because of my cocuriculum teacher!! Damn the teacher because he afraid of drawing problems to him so he canceled or banned our plan of having and outdoor activities in order to fulfill the criteria set for an A for that subject.
At first,he was comforting us by saying that he will go back and discuss with his
superior but in actual he is the one who do not want the event to go on.At first,When I heard that he will be thinking about it,he really kindle a spark of hope that I still be able to get 4 flat again..But now, GONE~~ ARGGGG~~It is ok. Take it easy anyways.

Lastly, Chinese New Year is drawing nearer and nearer..It is just around the corner ~.~ YEaH (^.^) Wish that everyone will enjoy themselves for this coming Chinese New Year. For friends who are currently located at overseas, Sadly to wish you all a 'Happy Chinese New Year'


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Finally new year came..everybody seems to enjoying their new year with new hopes, new targets and of course new life. New Year really brings good luck to us? oh, that's just another way of comforting we ourselves only,I think.

Examination coming soon and I am wondering again if I can handle it again as well. Another thing that come into my concern is if I can still be able to mantain the result that I have been achieved in the previous examination.I think it is getting harder as I am so damn lazy now~ This is already the 3rd week of the new semester but I am lost now because of not paying attention in the class. Tests coming up next week somemore. BIG GG from me..Furthermore, there is a course for sure I cant get an A for that because the lecturer told us don ever hope to get 4 flat anymore because he will not be giving A for that subject..=.=' Really @#$% ^.^

Anyhow, Happy new year friends