Wednesday, July 3, 2013

End of University Life~

We are always being taught with a proverb since we were young which is times flies and yet time flies indeed. This is a common life cycle that everyone on this earth will ever came across . During our university life, we will always thinking that it is a long journey to go in order to complete a 4 year bachelor degree course. In the other way, whenever we are reaching the last day of it and now everyone is complaining about times passing just in a glimpse and it is superb fast.

Today, it is the last day of my university life and tomorrow morning most of us will be going back to our own hometown and start working and for sure will be leading a hectic life soon, i guess. Some of them are going to singapore but many of them are staying locally wishing that they will be able to take care of their family members especially their parents while they are working. This is same goes with me as i finally chose to stay in my own hometown and working there. Since i am away from home for 4 year times already since the start of my bachelor degree, i think it is time for me to go back to the place where i am belonged. I wish i am not making a wrong choice anyway. 

Somehow, the saddest moment is always the  moment where friends who are like brothers have to be separated. Friends are always like pieces of puzzle where they mix and match to make our life as beauty as million worth portrait or picture. It also helps to enrich our lives. I am always cherished the moment for spending together with them of course. This month, i am totally enjoyed myself. After the end of the final exam, we started to eat hard and play hard. We played back all the childish games we used to play when we were young like those cards games, visiting cyber cafe, climbing the walls fighting who can climb higher and even playing the ancient game that we used to play last time which is the Counter Strike. 

As the chinese says '天下无不散之宴席‘ and i am happy with what i am now and thank to everyone that we are managed to have many group photos to keep it as memory. Good luck all my friends! Hope we all can always keeping in touch and wish all of you the best in your lives! Don ever forget me and guess who am I? Yes i am James, James Liew- the one who always talk 10 sentences even you believe any single phrase of it you also will die that James~ HAHA~

Although i am always talking nonsense and bluffing around or you all can always saying me ' blow water' but actually what i spoken out there is always having somewhat truth proportion where i am not totally bluffing. If i did spoken out something that hurting your feeling and here, i would like to apologize and beg for your forgiveness! I will definitely missing you all especially those who always come and talk to me and disturb me like my Gang of Dota Kaki and basketball mates. You guys know who you are yea~ For girls' coursemate, what i said sometimes i just meaning to have some jokes only, don ever keep it in heart yea~ You know, i am a good man right? haha~ Okay! Wish we all are always in LUCK! BYE!