Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Yeah~ Finally I found myself something to post up after leaving this blog dusted for about 2 or 3 months, I guessed.Though I am having my holiday now,but it still making me feeling damn boring and keep staying at home as there are no plans to proceed, I mean reach out and play..Yup~ that's totally sounds bad. ARggggg~~~

Well, today I will talk about achievement as stated at my main title there. So, What kind of achievement I will be sharing over here. For sure not about getting a girlfriend as no body want me too at the same time.hahaha.. Yea, My university final result was finally out. Hereby, I just want to share what I got from my final but not boasting up myself, for sure! Weeee~~ I got the 1st 4 flat that never been achieved in my life ever. I am so so so happy when I know that because of I will be having a deduction of school fee for 1 whole sem as the reward of getting 4 Flat. Really thank God for the result I am having~

After that, let's talk about relationship. Oh My..... I am empty-hearted right now as no ones would have filled up my heart.. I couldn't find any of the girl that I want, even if I saw her in some other places, maybe shopping centre but surely there are somebody else already holding up their hands. Sometimes, I may have came to a thought that why I am not the lucky guy ARggGgg ~~~ Again. SIGH!

Lastly, For those who are reading this post, especially girls,the pretty ones >.< As you know I am single and available now. The chance is here..wahahahhahaha

Just ignore me~~
Bla BLA BlA~~

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Survey Camp

Still remember the camp that I have mentioned in my previous posts?
If you have forgotten about it let me remind you again.Survey Camp was the camp anyways.
It was a tough camp for everyone of us through the experience we got from the camp.
This camp took away 10 days of my precious holiday and it took away the chance for me to travel to Thailand too at the same time.

Burying a great hatred deep inside my heart to this camp actually at first, but then after gone through the 10 days of the camp lives. It lighten me up again. LOL~~
There were laughs and tears during this period..
The happy hours begin once we have finished our daily projects but since the projects given to us were not an easy projects. So, very seldom we could have our happy hours thus we were having the tears most of the time =.='
If the projects given were not be able to complete in time, beyond dispute,you would not be able to have a good night sleep on that day.
I still remember the night where it happened last 2 days before the camp was about to end.
We were rushing for a projects until 5 am in the morning and 8am later we need to continue with other assignments again..It is damn tiring!! Everyone of us almost collapsed.

However, it came to an end right now. What a great relief we are having actually when the camp came to the last day.Somehow, we still be able to manage our time to take some photos so that we could keep this tough period in our memorable memories..Thank God also for the good weather within the 10 days. It is very windy and comfortable. Before ending my post and of course I will be showing some of the photos I took during this camp. For more photos, You can browse through my facebook

Raging sea before the Rain

Sun Rise

Assignments Rushing


My Team

Monday, November 9, 2009


FINALLY the exam is over

I am on holiday right now~~

Find me if you are missing me

as my holiday will not last long

because I got a camp in between the holiday

It will takes away 2 weeks of my holidays


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Final exam!

My final exam has finally started this week..
Anyway,This test is not startling me like previous tests did..
The previous tests meaning here are those exams before I entering the university!
Haha..sounds very arrogant rite?
Indeed,I really hope that the test to come earlier and end fast.

This exam will be lasting for 2 weeks.
I believed that I will do my best in this exam
get the 1st 4 flat that never been achieved in my life ever~
4 more subjects leftover now

May God bless me
Grant me a brilliant and impressive good brain to think of the questions
Praying for those lecturers to show their compassion to my answers too..

Monday, October 19, 2009

Study Week

Finally, I decided to back to Seremban. I reached there on Friday evening after 3 hours of bus journey from johor.The bus stopped at terminal 2 and my brother came to pick me up. Once I reached my home I quickly got myself prepared as I was invited to a birthday party.At about 11pm I left the party. Cliff and Xiao tian were going back home whilst me and Valentino were going to chee sheng house.

On Saturday,I received a bad new from Shee Shee that her grandpa was passed away. She must be very sad and grieving for the lost of her lovely grandpa.Anyway, we did sms to comfort her and also visited her on Sunday morning. Hope that she can really come across this and be able to concentrate on her studies after this.

Well, I am leaving tomorrow, Hope to see you all soon. I will be having my holiday again in November. This holiday will be lasting for one and a half month. Do find me if you are missing me.. Weee~

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Yeah!! Test 2 was done finally..And now I am anticipating for the coming of the holiday..Anyway, before the real holiday is coming,there will be a week of holiday which is the study week..Am I going back to my hometown during the study week or keep staying in my university for the revision? It is still under my consideration..Really nothing much to do in university..Bored!

But then,Final exam is just around the corner..27 october 2009-My first paper.Teachers, please help me by giving me good grades.I just want to be four flat or the least first class student only..I promised not to let my mother down again since my SPM but I never keep the promise for even once..Sigh..

Not having the mood of studying recently,indeed. Keep chasing up an english drama, Heroes ..I wish if I could be one of the hero in it. LOL..I finished 4 volumes just in 3 days..Great and impressive right? I guessed. SWT =.='

TO BE CONTINUED............^.^

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Thank to my new passport.I finally got myself travelled to Singapore.
It was on wednesday and coincidently my lecturer had cancelled the class.
In so sudden that my friend asking me whether interested in going to Singapore or not?Without any hesitation or a second of delaying I said yes to his invitation.
This was actually because of I wanted to try n check whether my new passport could be used or not.
It was funny right? What a silly thought I was having actually.
Anyway, There were no regrets for following my friend to Singapore on that day.

Along the ways entering to Singapore I tried to keep my eyes on every road and building that i passed by so that I would be able to remember those landmarks.
This would be convenient to me when I am going to travel to singapore next time.
I realised that singapore is really a very clean country comparing to Malaysia as rarely you could find a piece of rubbish or trash along the roadsides,MRT stations and even the bus stations.The public transportation services is also very complete and convenient here.
My friend and I took the MRT to continue our journey after that.
We went to City hall , Bugis and Kallang on that day.City Hall is a shopping centre and it is almost the same comparing to the shopping centre at the KL no matter from their sizes or standard.And of course the things over here are much
much more expensive comparing with same thing if we are buying it in Malaysia.
At the meanwhile,Bugis is a place where it looks like our petaling street in KL.Many cheap stuff are available here.However,Bugis' environmet is much more better and comfortable than the petaling street because here is air-conditioned.Here,there are shops selling sex toys too..If you are interested in that you can come here and have a look.LOL
Our final destination was Kallang.Nothing much to tell about this place as Kallang is just a normal housing area.But,my friend told me that a lot of prostitudes can be found here.
So,to reveal my curiousity, my friend brought me there.We keep walking and searching for 'chickens' @.@
It was so disspointed as we could not find any of them.I think this was because of the timing.For sure they would be coming out at night later.This is also the only legal street for the prostitution.This street was given the name 'Geylang'.I guessed some of you have heard of it right?

Besides that, People here are very richy.All the cars on the roads are either Toyota,Honda,Lexus,Mercedes Bens,Bmw,Kia or Chevolet and very seldom you can see PROTONS.
Many spot cars can be spotted here and even taxis are using Toyota Camry, Toyota Wish or any other luxurious cars.
It gave me a big eyes,really!
We were tired after hours of walking and we decided to go back and we left Singapore about 4pm in the evening.
My passport was then collected its 1st Stamp.LOL!!
Let me show you some of the photos I have taken in Singapore. ^.^

Johor's Custom

The Bugis

Shops of Bugis

Wish and Sonata Taxi

They are preparing for the celebration of the Mooncake Festival

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The End

Holiday Endssssssss
Oh My God!
I have get back to my university AGAIN!
What a boring place to me
Not forgetting to my friends too
You guys are not willing to leave our peaceful and joyful hometown

We have no choice and we must get back to our universities
We have to continue to fight for our futures
We want to be the successful ones
Create the miracles

Who is the one who says knowledge is very important?
We can only success and be the great ones
By gaining more and more knowledge
I really hate it
I really wish I could back to the past and enjoy my life without any worries

As the school break ends
All of us are getting back to our own universities
we can only meet up again for the next holiday
It might be few months after this
Anyway, We enjoyed this holiday very much

On the other hand
For Wei Ren,Melvin and Yi Xiang who are currently located at overseas
They have to wait for a long period to meet us up again
They must be missing us badly
Do not worry
We will never forget the moments for being together

Hope to see you all as soon as possible
I got to go now~
Take Care

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Today is friday already! Not much time left behind anymore!
Time really seem flies
My holiday gonna to be end after 2 days starting from now
Time passes by superb fast!
I haven started to get myself into the holiday yet the holiday is ending soon
This Raya Holiday is not really enjoying as most of my friends are having their exams after this
Even though I am having the exams too but because of the subjects are not too difficult so i not really study for it first but to enjoy my holiday first
How pity are they!!

During the holiday, i invited some of my university's friends to come over to my house to stay. Some of them are coming from Sarawak and they are not going back to their hometown just for a short holiday.At the same time,they are hardly to survive in the university as well as all the shops are shutting down for the celebration of Hari Raya. Thus, I show my sympathy to them by inviting them to my house to stay. I am so great right? Hahaha
On the first day, I brought them to KL as some them never been to KL before and they wished to have a look on KL so i just be the good one and fulfill their wishes by bringing them over there. We visited quite a number of places in that day.
For examples,Low Yat Plaza,Times Square,Sungei Wang and Midvalley
That day was super tiring but the journey was not wasted as we bought many thing from the places we have visited above.
I wasted rm300 on that day just because of my new laptop bag,TV box and the pendrive!
I really broke up after this and I have to save up a lot when I get back to my university soon

The following day i brought them to taste the Asia Laksa nearby to my housing area before we were moving out to Jusco.
We had fun in Jusco by going for karaoke.
The days after that were almost the same.I brought them here and there to visit the whole Seremban town.They even praising our Seremban town saying that 'not bad Seremban,It is great!' Immediately, I replied them by saying that ' It is damn boring over here ok?' LOL!!
Day time was use to explore the building and places whilst night time was use to play game.
The schedule was so packed

Fortunately, I still be able to get my passport done in between the holiday as most of the government departments will be shut down too during the Hari Raya break.
Finally I got my passport and now I would be able to get myself travel for more places.
Many plans will be coming up for my school holiday soon..Yeah!

In the end>>I would like to say that I am happy to meet my buddies back again.
Though we are always busying with our own stuff but we still be able to come out and meet up always..


Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yeah!! Holiday is coming! Finally.....
who want to date me?
I am always available
Haha ^.^

This is the time for all the friends gather together and have fun again!
But it seems like everyone is busying with their own stuff
Actually i am thinking to have a trip to somewhere else
But then,
I think it is getting hopeless right now.

Anyway, at least we have a holiday for us to enjoy ourselves
Lastly, remember to find me during the holiday
Hehehe >.<

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sense of loneliness!

Yesterday my feeling was so complicated as i was deciding whether going to genting or the dinner.Most of the people will choose genting instead of dinner i think but not for me as the dinner was an important dinner.Even Though going to genting was my family trip but i decided not to go eventually not because of i do not love my family but i promised to myself to get them travel to a greater place next time not genting.After 3 hours of struggling in between genting and dinner,i finally made up my decision to go for the dinner.That was the dinner organised by few of us to our lovely friend,Wei Ren.We wished we could gather together for the last day before he was leaving to Canada.We had our dinner at Kesington restaurant located at Era Walk for hours.We used to chit-chatting,laughing,stepping on each others and talking craps as those were our favourites in the gathering.We had our photo session there too.We later came to a moment that Sze Shee begging us for wasting the credit left in her phone in calling people.We take turn to call some of our besties like Chee Sheng and Chee How to give them a prank.Really Funny as they really fooled by us!We pretended as the people calling from bank asking for applying a credit card and the customer of Astro. >.<

After that,we went to 'sik ka' to eat 1 more round as Wei Ren wanted to eat there so much and keep complaining that we should go and eat there instead of eating steak.Then,we moved to Foodtiam for our 'Yam Cha' session.Here,we got more friend and many topics were carried out.This and that,bla bla bla for about 2 hours.After paying the bill we left there and it was already 1.30am in the morning.All of them keep saying bye to Wei Ren as we really hardly to let wei ren back to canada..Sobbing!

This afternoon we went to the airport to send him.We did not tell him that we were coming.When we arrived the airport,i gave him a call and told him that we were reached to the airport and what was his position right on that time.He thought we were joking.^.^
Actually,during that moment i guessed he was very happy and touched.Aren't you WEI REN!
We took a lot of photos together with him.That was just an incredible moment we had together.

Suddenly,that kind of feeling rose up from my inner heart again just like when yi xiang and melvin were leaving.Some sort of loneliness feeling as we were going to lost him.He always asking for what plans to do next.We used to eat dinner,watch movie,sing k,trip and much much more..And now he was gone and no people asking for lunch,dinner ,breakfast, game,movie anymore.We don't want that!

We missing you Wei Ren! So,you must take good care of yourself,buddy. We are waiting you to back to Seremban again.We hope to meet you again next year!Do not cry when thinking of us,a bunch of super nice and good friend.

Hahaha..Take Care...........................................................................We missing YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Canadian boy!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Photo Update

Recently,My friend,Zhen Long missing me a lot.He ask me why don't i update my blog because he wan to see my new photo..hahaha

In order not to fail him,i updated some of my latest photos on facebook.

However, i will also update those photos over here so that when my friends missing me,they can just simply press on my blog by not signing in to facebook or friendster or whatever thing else.


My Goal!

After 2 months of staying in utm.i met a lot of seniors and they seem like nothing much to worry for their homeworks,assignment and anything else..

They keep telling me that Civil Engineering is the easiest course amongst all the other engineering courses.This is because most of them are 1st class students and they told me that almost all the chinese people at here are 1st class students.once they failed to get the 1st class honour,for sure they will be laughed or look down by the other people..

This really makes me worry as i am so lazy to revise,do homework,do assignments and anything else that regarded to the studies.

Thus,the only way to strengthen me up is to make a slogan so that i will be able to remind me myself to work hard all the time to achieve my 1st class honour's dream.


MY roommate is a sarawakian and he is a nice and humour person just like me ^.^
His dream is to get 4 flat..So,both of us have already designed a unique slogan.

Now it is the time to let you guys see what is our slogan..funny,hahahah....

My messy table

My unique slogan!!! damn funny la!

My roommate photo and his slogan!!

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Boring! ~.~

Sorry for not being active over here for quite a period of time..
Nothing much to share with you guys about my university life
It is boring!

I am here to let you guys get up-to-date to my situation here
Everything is just nice
But then
The life in university is quite boring actually because no pretty girls at here
I got no car.Thus,i have no chance to explore the road in Johor!

For all my best friends
I wish all the best to your lives no matter you are now in college or university
Study hard!
Fulfill your dreams
Accomplish the impossible mission of you life

Yi Xiang!!
Yi Xiang is leaving next week..Do not worry...
I will miss you very much!!
For Wei Ren,He will be leaving very soon also..
Miss you too..
Wish you two got what you want also..especially your life partner.

Gambateh for all the Single and available ones!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009



It has been already two weeks for me to be in UTM..
I guess you guys sure want to know how UTM looks like right?
So,I purposely snap some photos from my room to let you guys know how bad is my hostel actually..From the photo above,you can see the whole UTM..Quite big right?

The cupboard and the door of the room..It looks so wooden man!!

This is my bed.luckily it is a new bed..If not really........@@

Again the door..too bad!!


Computer and study table...


For those who are leaving like melvin,wei ren,yi xiang..i do hope that i can back and see u guys 1 more time before you all are leaving...

If I can really make it

If not then see you guys next time when you all are coming back to Malaysia again..



Sunday, July 5, 2009

Miss Me!!

I am leaving again to UTM..Since from wednesday I already back to seremban as my university is so special that the school's orientation only last for 2 days.. This year they are trying to give more freedom to all the students so they just organise 2 days orientation for compulsory,after the 2 days you still want to join the activities or not is up to you..

Because of that I quickly pack up my things on tuesday night and prepare to back Seremban on the next day..It is marvelous for me to be at Seremban as I can meet all my good friends for almost everyday.
I watched ICE AGE 3 on saturday together with my friends and the movie is quite nice and a lot of humor senses inside..Kind of relaxing movie actually.

And now I am about to back UTM.The time left out for me to be in seremban counting from now is about 90 minutes more..So,for not wasting the great moment I make myself writing this post before I am leaving..

Lastly, I think I will be back at least once a month,Hopefully.I will try my best to make myself appear in Seremban at at at at at least once in 2 months..


Do sms or msn me( if I can online over there) if you are boring..I am always available...
@.@ LaLaLa ^.^

Bye Bye

Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye My Friends

Time really seems like flying..I still remember 1 month ago i posted a post entitle 'YEAH I AM BACK' but now it is the time for me to say 'SAD IT IS TIME FOR ME TO GO'

Friends are wonderful,good and marvelous as they accompany me no matter where I go..

And now they all are leaving in these 2 days time..Some of them will be going to Penang, some will be going to Perak, Kedah and Kl..whilst I am leaving too to Johor on tomorrow..
Yi Xiang,Wei Ren, Chee Sheng and Zhen Long will be leaving very soon also..This holidays we enjoyed a lots. I believed! Really don't know when we are going to have such a good holidays again which can gather all friends together..Since after form 5, I think we never have such a good
chance to enjoy,relax and gather like what we are having right now.

Everyday thinking of what plan,what plan and what plan really boring but interesting..After this we got no chance to do this anymore...Really funny when all of us are discussing what plan should be out to do...some of them surely will talk craps and drag away the main points and then got nothing in the ends...

Sigh!!! Time to say bye bye already..I wish to get a university in KL area as i can come back to seremban every week..Since God has putting me in johor, I believe there are HIS wills for me to accomplish..HA Ha

Friends take good care of yourself..We meet again in the coming Chinese New Year Or next year this season again as all of us most probably will be having holidays too.

Good Luck i wish to all of my friends in pursuing their studies..May all your dreams come true..Take care all my friends...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Genting Trip

Yeah! Genting is so refreshing because of its weather..Seremban is damn hot right now and i nearly get burnt at here..Hahaha

So,a bunch of my friends made up their minds so that we could have a trip to a place which is cooler,that is our well-known Genting Highlands..

We had a lots of fun over there..Theme park,games,foods, chit-chatting and much more...It is hard for us to have such a gathering in such a day as everyone of us is busying of our own things..

Coincidently we are having holidays together thus we got this great chance to have a simple trip..

Though it is just a 2days and 1 night trip,but i think it is enough for us..
Friends take good care of yourself and remember to find me when u all are free..^.^
Gathering is much more better than leaving..

University result is going to be out! Wishing that i could get the course i want,May God bless me!
Friends who are leaving to far far places to pursue their studies i wish them all the best in everything..

Take Care!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yeah! I Am Back!

It has been 2 months or more for not visiting this blog as I am busying with my work.
I was working in Astro On Demand for last 2 months and now i stopped.
Anyway,It is a good working experience for me
It is some kind of telemarketing job that you have to call out the customers
And now I am done
I quit the job
waiting for my university reply from the government
I wish I pray and I believe that i will be selected by the good local university and getting the particular subject that I am applying.
May God Bless ME

One week before I stop my work, my friend planned a trip to our Malaysia historical city which was given the name " Melaka"
Melaka actually is a small town
which full of the sense of history.
There are many historical places
There are varities of cuisine and food can be found over here
But We friends are decided to explore a street named jonker street..

Let us move on to the photos we have taken during the trip

Our Dinner













Sunday, March 15, 2009


OMG!! Result was out last tuesday which is on 10 of March 2009!


Bad Result Ah!!

Nothing to be so secret And I got only 1A and 3B's.. With this bad result i really don't know if I can get any engineering courses offer by the government or not?

Anyway, I have faith with my God and myself as I am always the lucky ones.. God blessing is the only that i can think of it..Ha Ha..Laughing at me that I am very superstitious? @@


Hey buddies, Here I want to let you all know that I am currently working in KL,Kelana Jaya.
I am working in the Astro On Demand department so anyone of you are thinking of installing It please tell me...Ha Ha

OIIIIII!!! My Friends!! Another Important Thing

That is I am planning for a trip either to Pulau Pangkor or Pulau Tioman in this coming May as wei ren and yi xiang back from oversea too...So we plan to have a great holiday or vacation , if feel free to join tell me ah...if not you will be missing this very great opportunity lo...KAKA

Ok,That's all from me...Bye BYe

Aiya almost forgot about it...Hey Vote Either going to Pangkor o Tioman...Let you all choose because I also don't know where i want to go..
If got Any place that is great and worth of visiting it,just voice it out...Because the main aim for having this is to have FUN!! :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Yeah! New photo again!!wahahaha!!
Huey may complaining that,'always open your blog i will see boon ken's face @@
This is the time for me to show how am i going to be a digi rubbish man!!
Do not laugh please!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Nice photos!

Cute Boon Ken and Tall Huey May..@@

Nice effect!

Cute o not?do u see huey may? lol,she is hiding behind SS

Square face SS and long face Ken...kakakakak

3 Aliens!

Nice posture SS! ^^


Gay Lou ah!!! kill him!!

James bond 007!

Big head = clever? lol

Sudah tak boleh tahan ketawa ah!!

There is a black hole!!! Help Us!!

The photos showed above nice or not?
Great Right?
Ha ha ha
Thank to our producer,Huey May!