Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Survey Camp

Still remember the camp that I have mentioned in my previous posts?
If you have forgotten about it let me remind you again.Survey Camp was the camp anyways.
It was a tough camp for everyone of us through the experience we got from the camp.
This camp took away 10 days of my precious holiday and it took away the chance for me to travel to Thailand too at the same time.

Burying a great hatred deep inside my heart to this camp actually at first, but then after gone through the 10 days of the camp lives. It lighten me up again. LOL~~
There were laughs and tears during this period..
The happy hours begin once we have finished our daily projects but since the projects given to us were not an easy projects. So, very seldom we could have our happy hours thus we were having the tears most of the time =.='
If the projects given were not be able to complete in time, beyond dispute,you would not be able to have a good night sleep on that day.
I still remember the night where it happened last 2 days before the camp was about to end.
We were rushing for a projects until 5 am in the morning and 8am later we need to continue with other assignments again..It is damn tiring!! Everyone of us almost collapsed.

However, it came to an end right now. What a great relief we are having actually when the camp came to the last day.Somehow, we still be able to manage our time to take some photos so that we could keep this tough period in our memorable memories..Thank God also for the good weather within the 10 days. It is very windy and comfortable. Before ending my post and of course I will be showing some of the photos I took during this camp. For more photos, You can browse through my facebook

Raging sea before the Rain

Sun Rise

Assignments Rushing


My Team

Monday, November 9, 2009


FINALLY the exam is over

I am on holiday right now~~

Find me if you are missing me

as my holiday will not last long

because I got a camp in between the holiday

It will takes away 2 weeks of my holidays