Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trip To Taiwan

Nothing much to comment about this trip as everyone knows what I will be commenting too, I guessed. Somehow, It was my pleasure to have this opportunity to travel overseas for my end semester vacation together with my coursemates. Really thank to my senior Hoong Pin because without him surely I will not be having such a felicity. Thank You handsome senior. Haha..

This was a 10 days trip and I did visited a lot of places and the weather there was nice just like our Genting Highlands. We spent all of our times efficiently traveling various places that we have planned to go from day to night. We managed ourselves to try out the local food there too. It was nice and delicious but not for the 'smelly tauhu' because I cant even swallow a small piece of it and vomited it out in the end. XD

Lastly, the trip was enjoying and I have posted some of the photos here and for more photos you can refer to my facebook. LOL..