Thursday, May 29, 2014

Strive for good

Day passed and go and yet the old is remaining. We grown and we remember the past. Everything passed is now a history or memory to you so that you can absorb some sort of teaching and striving for the next good.

Sometimes, we remember events which really happened, so memory is unlike pure imagination. Yet, in practice, there can be close interactions between remembering, perceiving, and imagining. Somehow, there is always a saying that when people is almost dead, there is always a flashback of their memory of their own deeds. Not sure whether it is true or false but the day will come and we will know in one day maybe?

By the way, i am thinking why human's mind is so complicated and yet so ridiculous sometimes. We will not only remembering the good but also the bad and sometimes we even come out with an evil thought that will cause harm to other people. We even cheat or lie to each other in order to get what we want. Most of the time people wont be able to appreciate the good until the bad they trusted betrayed them. Well, at this moment, i am already not so sure what i gonna express anymore. Ever since the incident, i think over-doing or over-caring to somebody will just messing up the formula and creating some sort of reversing chemical reaction sometimes. As i said, human is complicated, you will never know how's the mind is actually functioning on each.

Recently, i lost my ability in socializing. Less familiar to it. Not so sure why but the i-don-care feeling is gradually overwhelming me. Less access to my dusty guitar, keyboard, violin  anymore. Although i am not good at any one of them. Chasing after the petty pace look comfortable but unsatisfying definitely. Hmmmm.. no ideas really, gotta strive for good indeed i guess. LOL

Last but not least, i am glad that i was a student before as i have time to create all these so called self-composing song merely for self-entertaining. Felt so lovely and happy when listening back to these 3 years ago funny piece of shit. I have some creation for my dearest friends, my home and my myself anyways. Hahahahhaha 
(Plsease Ignore my out of tune, lousy skills or watsoever ok, just for funny and some laugther)





Friday, May 16, 2014


Again, half a year has gone! Realizing that expectation is always lagging behind reality is a truth. What you expected will never gone too far but lagging behind the cruel of reality.

Yeah, once again plan changed. Dragging here and there and deciding to leave or not to leave but in the end i'm still here, stayed!  Staying not because of betterment but clinging on the slight hope that it will be better. Sound pity it seems.

Well, things change, people change, world change and earth is rather moving, you cant just expecting people to go into your plan. Sometimes, we are somewhat lost in the middle but believe me, if you do have strong faith, it might still within your expectation somehow.

Sigh, i shall get myself a getaway though. BTW, I'm just came back from a short trip last week. Bought the ticket all of a sudden to Laos. I guess not much people went there before. In short, not really a well developed country but you still manage to get yourself something new to explore. Infrastructure there are kinda bad by comparing to malaysia. To certain places, car speed will never be able to exceed 20km/h is terrible and you are non-stop experiencing the earthquake moment inside the car. This makes me feel thankful for what i'm having. People there are usually the chinese descendants as their grandparent or grand-grandparents are mostly chinese (according to the locals there). Therefore, you can always see many chinese-like lao there. Somehow, they are no longer be able to speak in chinese anymore. Besides that, the food are quite nice if you are able to eat spicy food. languages used there is lao but 80% same as thai so if you can speak in thai you can usually communicate well there. After this, i'm planning to visit cambodia and vietnam too. Must be at least visit our neighboring country once when i can.

Gosh! The feeling of starting work after a holiday is bad. Laziness is overwhelming me. Luckily, I am not alone and i made a new internship friend. Or else i will be a loner hero then. Work, eat, sleep, work are the sequences of my life. Anyway, half more year to go, lets see if there are miracles happen. Cheers~

Yummy Food

 Scenery Taken

Selfie Took During the Trip