Monday, January 26, 2009

A New Try! @@

Well, I am here to share about some funny stuff again@@ Yeah,'Cow' year is coming..Just before the ending of the year i have accepted a job..Guess what job is that?I guess u can never think or imagine it..haha...

This is really a funny job but it makes me very 'paiseh' in front of many people..
anyway,i really have fun of it..
still thinking what is the job that i am talking about?
Want some clues on it?@@

Do not worry about that,now is the time for me to reveal the truth and you all shall prepare yourself to laugh greatly without closing your mouth..^^

'GOD OF FORTUNE' was the job.And now i would like to show some photos on that
Be prepared now and GO!

All these are my'ka chan' to be a gof of fortune

Acting cool~

The photo of me and my father @@ ^^


Who wan money?Come take from me la~

My 金童..funny rite?@@

This is my 玉女 ^^

Come come come..take angpau lo


Friday, January 16, 2009

The Year of 2009

Everyone is yelling 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1>>BOOM!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Well,for me it seem like nothing as this is really a boring year for me!

First of all,i have to witness the leaving of my fellow friends for 1 by 1 as they are going abroad to pursue their dreams which is furthering their studies.Soon,i will be very lonely again..This is really a moment that is not awaiting by me

Chinese New Year is drawing nearer and nearer.The coming of Chinese New Year is the festive season that is most awaiting for me which i thought of but it seems NOT!Many of my friends will be having a week of holidays at least to celebrate this great season.However,some of my best friends could not back and celebrate this season with me..They all are in the overseas now..I miss them very much!! I am now flashing back those time that all of my friends gather together during this time and visitng home by home to get the red packets..HOW NICE!! What a Memorable Days!!!

The gang is getting lesser and lesser people now..Some of them still there but we really need a big gathering...I wishing to get that moment again from time to time..I appreciate them very very much..Sadness is arising deep down inside my heart now..The feeling is just like losing someone that you really care for..


Friends! I will be praying for you all from time to time...Wishing you all having a great time in the place where you all are being now...Good luck in you studies!




Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Uncle's Wedding>31/12/2008

Let's continue my story..haha..Actually my new hair cut is specially for my uncle's wedding..unfortunately,i do not know how to set it back to the hair style that the hair styler set for me on that day...Haiz, Really fainted of it..Finally,my youngest brother pity me and set another hair style for me which you can see at the following photos....

This is the 'Hero of The Day' that is my uncle...His name is Adrick. No doubt,beside him of cause is her wife..haha..

Husband and Wife are the models of the day to let the crowd to take photos.

This is the photo of the arrival of the bride and bridal..

My mother from the left,den at the middle one is the couple that i mentioned above and followed by my cousin and my eldest aunt...

This is my cousin o.. It has been 3 years for me not to see her already...Nice to meet her back but she became so fat already...haha

Ah Fai is the brother of the girl in the photo above .He is my cousin too...hehe

My father and we 4 brothers and sister...Mother was missing as she is busying helping her brother who is my uncle concerning his wedding stuffs...

My pretty sister o....

Come to my own photo now...cheers....

Another photo of mine..

Of cause not missing the scene of handsome and beauty....LOL

That's all the photos that i am having now...more photos will be showed on the next post after getting more photos from my other relatives...HUUUREEEE

Saturday, January 3, 2009

my New hair cut

Finally i cut my hair...initially,i would like to keep a long my uncle's wedding dinner is around the corner..So,i made up a decision to cut my hair and i wish to have a special cut...The following photos are my new hair cut's photos.I cut my hair on the next day of my church christmas celebration...SAd to say bye bye to my hairs....

This was the hair style that i was keeping before having the new hair cut...It makes me look more mature..

After waiting for 2 hours,finally is my turn to cut hair already...The above photo is my new hair style...

Me and my brother>>Most of the people thought that both of us are twin but actually that's not the truth..i am 1 year older than him but i look younger right?haha

Another snap,My new hair nice?

Cute cute hair...lolz


At first,i wish to stop blogging as it really boring for me..I really know nothing about blogging and i do not know how to add those features..But now, I think i better continue as if I not doing so i will be died of is boring,really! So, when i feel nothing to do then only i will write something new on my blog...if i got time i really want to know more about this from them as they really PRO..@@

After busying for the whole december for the year of 2008, I finally come to a rest! Now i would like to share with the visitors of my stay tune, and now the stories begins!!!>>>>>

Leng lui Tony..She was acting as a hooker..nice rite...hehe

Really dont know wat captions should be given to this photo..erm...haiz...cincai la as long as the people inside the photos are nice then is good already..

2 loan sharks is surrounding a debtor..funny tat uncle will be borrowing our money in our drama...kakaka ><

cool hair style>>>>sue-ann was the one who did this to my hair...anyway,it is nice!

Cute cute james!! Hunting for love? Finally you got it..happy?

Ah pek lou,Jack and me...actors of our christmas celebration's drama..

Nice photo right? It was edited by me..M i pro...Yea,i knew that..hehaaaa....

Juju, me and leanne...

Again 3 of us>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Me and Jason,my youngest brother...handsome right? many people saying that my brother is more handsome than me already...sad!!! Maybe i look old already gua... Nevermind i can accept it..

Hehe..again 2 of us...