Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sense of loneliness!

Yesterday my feeling was so complicated as i was deciding whether going to genting or the dinner.Most of the people will choose genting instead of dinner i think but not for me as the dinner was an important dinner.Even Though going to genting was my family trip but i decided not to go eventually not because of i do not love my family but i promised to myself to get them travel to a greater place next time not genting.After 3 hours of struggling in between genting and dinner,i finally made up my decision to go for the dinner.That was the dinner organised by few of us to our lovely friend,Wei Ren.We wished we could gather together for the last day before he was leaving to Canada.We had our dinner at Kesington restaurant located at Era Walk for hours.We used to chit-chatting,laughing,stepping on each others and talking craps as those were our favourites in the gathering.We had our photo session there too.We later came to a moment that Sze Shee begging us for wasting the credit left in her phone in calling people.We take turn to call some of our besties like Chee Sheng and Chee How to give them a prank.Really Funny as they really fooled by us!We pretended as the people calling from bank asking for applying a credit card and the customer of Astro. >.<

After that,we went to 'sik ka' to eat 1 more round as Wei Ren wanted to eat there so much and keep complaining that we should go and eat there instead of eating steak.Then,we moved to Foodtiam for our 'Yam Cha' session.Here,we got more friend and many topics were carried out.This and that,bla bla bla for about 2 hours.After paying the bill we left there and it was already 1.30am in the morning.All of them keep saying bye to Wei Ren as we really hardly to let wei ren back to canada..Sobbing!

This afternoon we went to the airport to send him.We did not tell him that we were coming.When we arrived the airport,i gave him a call and told him that we were reached to the airport and what was his position right on that time.He thought we were joking.^.^
Actually,during that moment i guessed he was very happy and touched.Aren't you WEI REN!
We took a lot of photos together with him.That was just an incredible moment we had together.

Suddenly,that kind of feeling rose up from my inner heart again just like when yi xiang and melvin were leaving.Some sort of loneliness feeling as we were going to lost him.He always asking for what plans to do next.We used to eat dinner,watch movie,sing k,trip and much much more..And now he was gone and no people asking for lunch,dinner ,breakfast, game,movie anymore.We don't want that!

We missing you Wei Ren! So,you must take good care of yourself,buddy. We are waiting you to back to Seremban again.We hope to meet you again next year!Do not cry when thinking of us,a bunch of super nice and good friend.

Hahaha..Take Care...........................................................................We missing YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Canadian boy!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Photo Update

Recently,My friend,Zhen Long missing me a lot.He ask me why don't i update my blog because he wan to see my new photo..hahaha

In order not to fail him,i updated some of my latest photos on facebook.

However, i will also update those photos over here so that when my friends missing me,they can just simply press on my blog by not signing in to facebook or friendster or whatever thing else.


My Goal!

After 2 months of staying in utm.i met a lot of seniors and they seem like nothing much to worry for their homeworks,assignment and anything else..

They keep telling me that Civil Engineering is the easiest course amongst all the other engineering courses.This is because most of them are 1st class students and they told me that almost all the chinese people at here are 1st class students.once they failed to get the 1st class honour,for sure they will be laughed or look down by the other people..

This really makes me worry as i am so lazy to revise,do homework,do assignments and anything else that regarded to the studies.

Thus,the only way to strengthen me up is to make a slogan so that i will be able to remind me myself to work hard all the time to achieve my 1st class honour's dream.


MY roommate is a sarawakian and he is a nice and humour person just like me ^.^
His dream is to get 4 flat..So,both of us have already designed a unique slogan.

Now it is the time to let you guys see what is our slogan..funny,hahahah....

My messy table

My unique slogan!!! damn funny la!

My roommate photo and his slogan!!

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Boring! ~.~

Sorry for not being active over here for quite a period of time..
Nothing much to share with you guys about my university life
It is boring!

I am here to let you guys get up-to-date to my situation here
Everything is just nice
But then
The life in university is quite boring actually because no pretty girls at here
I got no car.Thus,i have no chance to explore the road in Johor!

For all my best friends
I wish all the best to your lives no matter you are now in college or university
Study hard!
Fulfill your dreams
Accomplish the impossible mission of you life

Yi Xiang!!
Yi Xiang is leaving next week..Do not worry...
I will miss you very much!!
For Wei Ren,He will be leaving very soon also..
Miss you too..
Wish you two got what you want also..especially your life partner.

Gambateh for all the Single and available ones!!