Saturday, September 26, 2009

The End

Holiday Endssssssss
Oh My God!
I have get back to my university AGAIN!
What a boring place to me
Not forgetting to my friends too
You guys are not willing to leave our peaceful and joyful hometown

We have no choice and we must get back to our universities
We have to continue to fight for our futures
We want to be the successful ones
Create the miracles

Who is the one who says knowledge is very important?
We can only success and be the great ones
By gaining more and more knowledge
I really hate it
I really wish I could back to the past and enjoy my life without any worries

As the school break ends
All of us are getting back to our own universities
we can only meet up again for the next holiday
It might be few months after this
Anyway, We enjoyed this holiday very much

On the other hand
For Wei Ren,Melvin and Yi Xiang who are currently located at overseas
They have to wait for a long period to meet us up again
They must be missing us badly
Do not worry
We will never forget the moments for being together

Hope to see you all as soon as possible
I got to go now~
Take Care

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Today is friday already! Not much time left behind anymore!
Time really seem flies
My holiday gonna to be end after 2 days starting from now
Time passes by superb fast!
I haven started to get myself into the holiday yet the holiday is ending soon
This Raya Holiday is not really enjoying as most of my friends are having their exams after this
Even though I am having the exams too but because of the subjects are not too difficult so i not really study for it first but to enjoy my holiday first
How pity are they!!

During the holiday, i invited some of my university's friends to come over to my house to stay. Some of them are coming from Sarawak and they are not going back to their hometown just for a short holiday.At the same time,they are hardly to survive in the university as well as all the shops are shutting down for the celebration of Hari Raya. Thus, I show my sympathy to them by inviting them to my house to stay. I am so great right? Hahaha
On the first day, I brought them to KL as some them never been to KL before and they wished to have a look on KL so i just be the good one and fulfill their wishes by bringing them over there. We visited quite a number of places in that day.
For examples,Low Yat Plaza,Times Square,Sungei Wang and Midvalley
That day was super tiring but the journey was not wasted as we bought many thing from the places we have visited above.
I wasted rm300 on that day just because of my new laptop bag,TV box and the pendrive!
I really broke up after this and I have to save up a lot when I get back to my university soon

The following day i brought them to taste the Asia Laksa nearby to my housing area before we were moving out to Jusco.
We had fun in Jusco by going for karaoke.
The days after that were almost the same.I brought them here and there to visit the whole Seremban town.They even praising our Seremban town saying that 'not bad Seremban,It is great!' Immediately, I replied them by saying that ' It is damn boring over here ok?' LOL!!
Day time was use to explore the building and places whilst night time was use to play game.
The schedule was so packed

Fortunately, I still be able to get my passport done in between the holiday as most of the government departments will be shut down too during the Hari Raya break.
Finally I got my passport and now I would be able to get myself travel for more places.
Many plans will be coming up for my school holiday soon..Yeah!

In the end>>I would like to say that I am happy to meet my buddies back again.
Though we are always busying with our own stuff but we still be able to come out and meet up always..


Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yeah!! Holiday is coming! Finally.....
who want to date me?
I am always available
Haha ^.^

This is the time for all the friends gather together and have fun again!
But it seems like everyone is busying with their own stuff
Actually i am thinking to have a trip to somewhere else
But then,
I think it is getting hopeless right now.

Anyway, at least we have a holiday for us to enjoy ourselves
Lastly, remember to find me during the holiday
Hehehe >.<