Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Final exam!

My final exam has finally started this week..
Anyway,This test is not startling me like previous tests did..
The previous tests meaning here are those exams before I entering the university!
Haha..sounds very arrogant rite?
Indeed,I really hope that the test to come earlier and end fast.

This exam will be lasting for 2 weeks.
I believed that I will do my best in this exam
get the 1st 4 flat that never been achieved in my life ever~
4 more subjects leftover now

May God bless me
Grant me a brilliant and impressive good brain to think of the questions
Praying for those lecturers to show their compassion to my answers too..

Monday, October 19, 2009

Study Week

Finally, I decided to back to Seremban. I reached there on Friday evening after 3 hours of bus journey from johor.The bus stopped at terminal 2 and my brother came to pick me up. Once I reached my home I quickly got myself prepared as I was invited to a birthday party.At about 11pm I left the party. Cliff and Xiao tian were going back home whilst me and Valentino were going to chee sheng house.

On Saturday,I received a bad new from Shee Shee that her grandpa was passed away. She must be very sad and grieving for the lost of her lovely grandpa.Anyway, we did sms to comfort her and also visited her on Sunday morning. Hope that she can really come across this and be able to concentrate on her studies after this.

Well, I am leaving tomorrow, Hope to see you all soon. I will be having my holiday again in November. This holiday will be lasting for one and a half month. Do find me if you are missing me.. Weee~

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Yeah!! Test 2 was done finally..And now I am anticipating for the coming of the holiday..Anyway, before the real holiday is coming,there will be a week of holiday which is the study week..Am I going back to my hometown during the study week or keep staying in my university for the revision? It is still under my consideration..Really nothing much to do in university..Bored!

But then,Final exam is just around the corner..27 october 2009-My first paper.Teachers, please help me by giving me good grades.I just want to be four flat or the least first class student only..I promised not to let my mother down again since my SPM but I never keep the promise for even once..Sigh..

Not having the mood of studying recently,indeed. Keep chasing up an english drama, Heroes ..I wish if I could be one of the hero in it. LOL..I finished 4 volumes just in 3 days..Great and impressive right? I guessed. SWT =.='

TO BE CONTINUED............^.^

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Thank to my new passport.I finally got myself travelled to Singapore.
It was on wednesday and coincidently my lecturer had cancelled the class.
In so sudden that my friend asking me whether interested in going to Singapore or not?Without any hesitation or a second of delaying I said yes to his invitation.
This was actually because of I wanted to try n check whether my new passport could be used or not.
It was funny right? What a silly thought I was having actually.
Anyway, There were no regrets for following my friend to Singapore on that day.

Along the ways entering to Singapore I tried to keep my eyes on every road and building that i passed by so that I would be able to remember those landmarks.
This would be convenient to me when I am going to travel to singapore next time.
I realised that singapore is really a very clean country comparing to Malaysia as rarely you could find a piece of rubbish or trash along the roadsides,MRT stations and even the bus stations.The public transportation services is also very complete and convenient here.
My friend and I took the MRT to continue our journey after that.
We went to City hall , Bugis and Kallang on that day.City Hall is a shopping centre and it is almost the same comparing to the shopping centre at the KL no matter from their sizes or standard.And of course the things over here are much
much more expensive comparing with same thing if we are buying it in Malaysia.
At the meanwhile,Bugis is a place where it looks like our petaling street in KL.Many cheap stuff are available here.However,Bugis' environmet is much more better and comfortable than the petaling street because here is air-conditioned.Here,there are shops selling sex toys too..If you are interested in that you can come here and have a look.LOL
Our final destination was Kallang.Nothing much to tell about this place as Kallang is just a normal housing area.But,my friend told me that a lot of prostitudes can be found here.
So,to reveal my curiousity, my friend brought me there.We keep walking and searching for 'chickens' @.@
It was so disspointed as we could not find any of them.I think this was because of the timing.For sure they would be coming out at night later.This is also the only legal street for the prostitution.This street was given the name 'Geylang'.I guessed some of you have heard of it right?

Besides that, People here are very richy.All the cars on the roads are either Toyota,Honda,Lexus,Mercedes Bens,Bmw,Kia or Chevolet and very seldom you can see PROTONS.
Many spot cars can be spotted here and even taxis are using Toyota Camry, Toyota Wish or any other luxurious cars.
It gave me a big eyes,really!
We were tired after hours of walking and we decided to go back and we left Singapore about 4pm in the evening.
My passport was then collected its 1st Stamp.LOL!!
Let me show you some of the photos I have taken in Singapore. ^.^

Johor's Custom

The Bugis

Shops of Bugis

Wish and Sonata Taxi

They are preparing for the celebration of the Mooncake Festival