Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Village's 1 Day Trip ^.^

It has been a long time for not gathering together as everyone of us are busying with our own stuff, studies and lives. We seldom have chances to stay together always like what we did in our old days. A simple phone call or SMS always be able to make us together at any time as we were free from loads of assignments, school works and most importantly tension or stress which drag us into a deep hole and hardly set ourselves free. Thus, this trip really meant a lot to me and I guess it did the same to the M villagers who have participated in this trip too right? For those who are preparing for their final examination I believe that you all will be doing really good in the test. No worries about that and we shall start planning for the next stop on where we are going to head on. YEAH~ That's Cool.

Pulau Ketam was the place we visited last Saturday. It is just a simple fishy village where all the villagers there lead a very simple life which means they only depend on fishing to maintain their living and not so complicated and hectic like the city people outside there. Bicycles are the main transportation here and you will never see any others vehicles beside bicycles. When we were first arrived there we were so not used to the honing system using over there. They use belling in other way of saying honing as their main transportation there are bicycles. Hahaha...Then, We walked around and continued taking photos. after an hour of walking and photographing, all of us feeling so tired and a little bit of worn out caused by the hot weather. We then moved to a restaurant to have some rest and at the same time to have our lunch. We enjoyed the food with a low price and the food were awesome and nice.. After we finished our lunch we decided to leave...

We then went to a beautiful garden located at Shah Alam if I am not mistaken..The garden looks really pretty nice and many photos were taken there too. Due to overtime spending there, we missed the last bus and as the consequences we needed to walk to the main extrance in order to exit . Some of them were not willing to walk as it needs about 40 minutes walk and some even felt frustrated. Somehow, we did managed ourselves to leave there by walking.. Congratulation ~ XD.

Lastly, we made our last stop at our so called intelligent city, putrajya. The place is so beautiful and without any hesitation we stopped by and snapped some photos. This was the end point of the day. Time really flies and ages also fade away fast. Hope that we can always appreciate the day where we can still be able meet up frequently until the day where we are forced to leave to pursue our own lives.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Final Exam!


study Study STUDY~~~~~~~


Aiming for 3.8 ONLY