Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Yeah~ Finally I found myself something to post up after leaving this blog dusted for about 2 or 3 months, I guessed.Though I am having my holiday now,but it still making me feeling damn boring and keep staying at home as there are no plans to proceed, I mean reach out and play..Yup~ that's totally sounds bad. ARggggg~~~

Well, today I will talk about achievement as stated at my main title there. So, What kind of achievement I will be sharing over here. For sure not about getting a girlfriend as no body want me too at the same time.hahaha.. Yea, My university final result was finally out. Hereby, I just want to share what I got from my final but not boasting up myself, for sure! Weeee~~ I got the 1st 4 flat that never been achieved in my life ever. I am so so so happy when I know that because of I will be having a deduction of school fee for 1 whole sem as the reward of getting 4 Flat. Really thank God for the result I am having~

After that, let's talk about relationship. Oh My..... I am empty-hearted right now as no ones would have filled up my heart.. I couldn't find any of the girl that I want, even if I saw her in some other places, maybe shopping centre but surely there are somebody else already holding up their hands. Sometimes, I may have came to a thought that why I am not the lucky guy ARggGgg ~~~ Again. SIGH!

Lastly, For those who are reading this post, especially girls,the pretty ones >.< As you know I am single and available now. The chance is here..wahahahhahaha

Just ignore me~~
Bla BLA BlA~~