Monday, April 18, 2011

1 Day Trip - SeKinChan

Once in a blue moon, friends of mine will be organising one day trip so to wash out the dull, boring and routined teenage life we are having. Besides that, I also want to thank to the laziest friend of mine, huey may that finally contributed something for organising this trip. haha. And so, I finally get myself an opportunity there and it was a fun trip.

As usual, I am still being who I am, the craps talker. Hope that my voice will not keeping them annoying for the whole journey. Other than that, this is also my first time having an outing with mee ting and choir yan. Excited huh? Guess so, not bad. haha..We used to talk and laugh for the whole journey. For time killing purposes, we share out whatever we knew so to keep everybody busying talking. After 2 hours plus of talking and sharing, we reached our destination.

After reaching there, we packed our car nearby the shop lots then we walked around to check out the place. After that, we pay our visitation to the beach that well known of its tree houses. The girls are so crazy for the tree house and photos were non stop snapping over there. Due to the hot weather, all of us are wishing if we could have some cold drinks or ice-cream out there. Coincidentally, there was a ice-cream seller passing by with his motorcycle. Without any hesitation, we stopped the man and bought the ice-creams. we were then happily licking out the ice-cream.

Next, we went to the paddy field. The weather is really hot at there as there are not many trees for covering up. The paddy field is so beautiful and this is the first time for me to visit this kind of place too. Photos were snapped there but not too many because of the annoying hot sun. Hot sun makes people exhausted rapidly. We stayed at the paddy field for about 2 hours and not long after that we left the place and back.

Before I end, once again thank to huey may for organising this trip, mee ting for driving us there and not forgetting Mr ZL for being our camera man too. I am personally enjoying this trip well. Once again, a BIG THANK to You Guys.

The super good looking paddy


Three little girls of the day

Car that driven us there ^^

The pro camera man