Thursday, June 4, 2009

Genting Trip

Yeah! Genting is so refreshing because of its weather..Seremban is damn hot right now and i nearly get burnt at here..Hahaha

So,a bunch of my friends made up their minds so that we could have a trip to a place which is cooler,that is our well-known Genting Highlands..

We had a lots of fun over there..Theme park,games,foods, chit-chatting and much more...It is hard for us to have such a gathering in such a day as everyone of us is busying of our own things..

Coincidently we are having holidays together thus we got this great chance to have a simple trip..

Though it is just a 2days and 1 night trip,but i think it is enough for us..
Friends take good care of yourself and remember to find me when u all are free..^.^
Gathering is much more better than leaving..

University result is going to be out! Wishing that i could get the course i want,May God bless me!
Friends who are leaving to far far places to pursue their studies i wish them all the best in everything..

Take Care!!!