Sunday, September 19, 2010

Semester Break

Two weeks of holiday just passed too fast!!
Today is already the last day of the semester break
I have to get myself ready of everything and pack to get back to my university
The feeling of leaving the lovely home always been too hard for me
I am always thankful to GOD for arranging me studying locally
I really loving this piece of land very much

See you guys two months later

Monday, September 6, 2010

Trip to Genting with Coursemates ^.^

This is the first time and also the first trip that I have been came across with my course mates. Due to I am a home-loving little kid so I am always the first who rushing back to the home when there are holidays. Thus, I have missed their trips for times.

It was a 2 days 1 night trip in Genting. Here, I wan to thank Zhi Howe as he is the person who sponsored our accommodation. What a coincident, his birthday fall on that day too. Therefore, we planned to have a surprise birthday celebration for him. Somehow, this planning tiring me up as I was the person in charge of buying the cake and bringing the cake far away from Seremban to Genting. The cake was transported by me via all kinds of public transportation. Luckily the cake was still in a very good condition and remained in shape.Sigh~ Anyways, it was cool. We presented the cake right beside him whilst he was sleeping and we woke him up and sang the birthday song to him..hahaha.. What a mess we were having. We can know it well from the photo down there.. ^.^

Besides that, we also having fun in the outdoor theme park. Due to low season, there were not many people in Genting and we can play the games continuously without any queue at all. It was just marvelous. We ran like kids and keeping ourselves busying with those games there. We all really had fun there.

At last, safe journey and happy holiday I wish to them.... See you guys again 2 weeks later..Take care~The Birthday boy, Zhi Howe

Pirate's Ship

Kenny Bee ^.^