Sunday, March 27, 2011

Seismic Competition 2011

Seismic competition is kind of competition where you are provided few hours to build up a structure and later it will be tested on a earthquake tectonic platform to test if it could be standing up to which level of tectonic movement during the earthquake. I am not so sure if I have explained it correctly but the basic idea is there. haha..What a great experience I was having in this competition and it was fun too.

This is also the first time for me to break out the isolation chronosphere as for me partaking into the public academic competition is just a waste of time only. No reasons and I am just like keeping myself in the room most of the time. Whenever they are people inviting me to form a group for a certain type of competition surely I will be rejecting them with sarcasm. This might be because of I am always having no passion in doing things? Anyway, I guess my team members will get crazy if they get longer time with me during the competition because I do not like snail works as I keep rushing them and keep saying 'cincai la, finish it fast then okay already'. Every time I voice out the 'cincai la' surely they will be throwing me an unusual uncomfortable expression. What a bad group leader I was with no patient at all. Somehow we made it. We completed the model within the period of the time.

After that, all groups are waiting for their turns to test on their models. Winners of the competition will be fully sponsored by our university to Taiwan to the next stage of the competition. Our master year seniors had won the last year champion in this competition in Taiwan. What a fantastic well done job from them. This is one of the reason to get me into the competition actually because winner of the competition can go ahead to Taiwan. LOL !!!
There goes a saying in chinese ' if you dont have the big head, dont wear the big hat' and somehow my group members like to wear the big hats and we have decided to put on about 20kg loads on a little tiny modeling to test out. This is really freaking out the other groups when they knew it and they are laughing if we can even get it through the first stage or not. Nevermind ' 输人不输阵' just do it and we will see. haha..

Out of expectation, my modeling survived to the last stage of the tectonics test with highest efficiency ratio. Thus,my team won the competition and we got the chance to Taiwan too at the same time. For entertainment purpose, all the models that are still in good condition are asked to challenge the impossible. Loads are fitted on our model until the maximum of 40 loads. At this stage most of the structure collapsed and mine structure is not excluded too.

Wow, dreamers' dream finally came true as my group's name in the competition also named as DREAMERS. Wahahaha.. What a great gift from UTM on this special day. Additionally, thank to my roommate, Yik Yong and opposite room' friend, Jia jian for creating me a short clips and the video will be posted on my facebook when I am back to facebook later. Really a great work from them. Appreciate it deep down my heart greatly.
Lastly, Thank GOD for providing me a chance to Taiwan by winning the competition. 'Cincai' works sometimes can be awesome too. Dreamers will not always in dreaming mode. Do not look down at DREAMERS.. ^.^

My Group Members

Our Modeling before the test

Full of Loads at about 20 kg

Getting Ready For tectonic Movement

The Cash Award Won as Champion

Other Competitors

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kukup's Trip

Just came back from Kukup yesterday and I was really enjoyed the trip well. Thank to my lovely tiny course-mate, SPT for suggesting and helping in organising this trip as well. Oh, forgot to introduce what is meant by Kukup actually. Kukup is a kind of places like a fish village where all the people there are mainly depend on fishing to earn a living. It is located in the state of Johor and the nearest town to Kukup is named Pontian. Ever heard it?

This is the first time I been there and I was really enjoyed myself there. There are 17 of us are in this trip but only 1 car is out and the rest 13 of us went there by our bikes. hahaha... Impressive yea? It was 45 minutes journey away from our universities. Somehow, It was really fun having a big gang riding in bikes together but bear in mind we are not ' Mat Rempit' ^.^

We eat, play and sing as well nonstop there as we were provide a great karaoke system, unlimited sets of mahjong, lami and cards. Everyone of us finding our own favourite type of activity to join. Some even sing up to 6 am in the morning nonstop since we were reaching there at the time of 2pm. Other than that, we were brought to visit the mangrove too. Inside there, we saw wild boar, monkeys and 'snake with four legs' (四脚蛇). Kind of great experience too.

However, happy moment always not lasting long as this was just a simple 2 days and 1 night trip. After having our steamboat lunch at there we left the place and back to our universities again.

Pulau Kukup

On the way to our destination

Our place of staying

Our Visitation

Mahjong Time