Saturday, October 8, 2011

What a life

Yo! finally I checked in to my blog again after being abandoned this for about half a year. Thinking of forsaking this blog actually as not much people will be going to read or hang around here too. No no no, I am not meaning that I'm writing a blog for people to read only but to share out some of my thoughts actually. But somehow I found out that I have changed actually. I changed to a person that not really like to share my things anymore. Less talking if I am not officially needed to talk . People who knew me will always come to me and say '' What's wrong buddy, why you were keeping silent recently. Mind to share? I am always there to listen to your problems'' haha!!!
Sometimes I really do hope that I can find somebody to share things that are obsessing me. But, I'm always have no ideas where to start and I think I am actually not having anything to tell also because I am kind of person who likes to figure things out by his own.

ArG! Don't discuss my matter anymore and now let's proceed to what I have actually done for the last 4 months of holiday. School reopen finally and assignments are getting me crazy indeed now. Somehow, I am very happy that trip to Hong Kong and Macau together with my coursemates were successfully organized. I really treasured the moment that bunch of friends getting crazy together without any worries. I guess I will be missing these moments forever.
A week after I came back from Hong Kong I went to Taiwan again. I was being sent by UTM for a competition in Taiwan. Fortunately, I managed myself for both competition and visitation in Taiwan. By comparing hong kong and Taiwan, I am always prefer Taiwan more than Hong Kong as people there are much more hospitality. Knew lots of Taiwanese friends there too and I wish I could have chance to visit them again.

Finally, I am happy that I came into this blog and spent my time here again to prove that I am still alive. haha...not much things I can share though. Trips' experiences? I wrote for it before. For more information, kindly refer back to the older post or my facebook. Thank you for reading and visiting anyway.

New Friends from Taiwan

Group photo for Hong Kong trip

Site Visiting

Earthquake Competition

Jumping high

Photo that I like the most