Friday, November 23, 2012

The Day

Is the day really coming?
Everyone seems to pass the rumors that the day is really coming
According to the scientist if the day is really coming
First! darkness
Second ! Destruction
Thirds ! Boom! Gone! Death!
Counting the days from now we are still have exactly one more month to go

If the day really coming what i wanted to do the most
I would say family gathering !
Some of my friends starting to check on the flight ticket
They planing to fly back to their home immediately if this really happens
Some even saying that if there is something extraordinary happens
They will straight away driving back to their home before the day
Will it be too late

So, will it really happens?
No one knows
Frankly speaking i do hope it is real
Because it can help to end my life fast and goes to the heaven
Where i can gather with my heavenly father and the angels
The place where no worries no hatred no tears no suffer to be found

Sometimes i just feel that human is so helpless
Even the greatness in technologies would not be able to stop the disaster
Rather than blaming the thing happening surrounding
Why don we just settle ourselves down
Take a deep breath and goes into a deep meditation
To recall the things we have done
whether the good or the bad
What have we really contributed
So that we can think and act differently as present

We human being will never start to afraid until we are facing the death end
For me the most horrible or terrifying matter is not death
But looking back to those awful deeds we have done
Without any mercy just to promote ourselves
To get whatever we wish or hope regardless the price paid
What a life


dReaMer said...

Right. . Death is not the scariest thing to face. .. human never looking back what have been done by oneself and won't be appreciate everything that is owned. If the day is really coming, that would be the punishment for human. But maybe I'm more positive, I believe that human's mind can conquer the nature... stay positive. .. don't worry about whether the day is coming or not. .. just cherish what we have now. ...if people don't think about it, it won't be coming then.
Btw, i saw your comments in my blog :) Just add my facebook -

SeCReT_JaMeS said...

oh my god! it is really a destiny or just coincident.. i saw ur facebook and added you but never get approval from you only.. haha..anyway what u said is real.. human ah human.. i now also don noe what i want.. somehow i changed but i do hope i can go back to the days before. everything i have things to think i will come into my blog to listen the songs i like..haha.. thx for replying me.. becoz only you are seeing my blog now i think .. thx

dReaMer said...

It's ok :) maybe some of them just didn't comment~I don't expect I will have a lot of viewers actually. .. blog for me is just a space to release myself. ..write whatever I want to. . . :)