Sunday, September 8, 2013

What a life

What life is all about? We have friend and family around and whenever we r being with fren or family, we always pretending that we r ok n fine. Sometimes it is very tiring. Soon, another best fren of mine gonna leaving me and i feel so heart pain becoz it is very hard to find a fren that willing to spend time n listening to ur problem n help u. I do have many frens and all of them treated me very well. I love them all but i m kind of person always keeping my own feeling hoping that my negative aura will not spread to them. 

Recently, i have some problem. I feel very stressed. And of coz as an engineer (i m not boasting about myself, don missunderstood) ,  it is not easy and it is part of my planning to gather some sum of money n fulfilling my dream of building up my own career. I have my own planning becoz i have a dream, a dream to become better. I wan to prepare myself for my family, my future wife.. I love the people surrounding n i want them to feel comfort with me. But i really don noe how to speak sometimes but i willing to improve and i m still improving. I believe that i have my own confident in all aspect but whenever come to relationship matter and not merely on boy girl relationship but even family and friends i will suppress my feeling. I try to cover myself with smile and i know this is not right but i love them all. I m kind of person that not really good in expressing myself. Deep down in my heart i keep worrying myself for not be able to do my best. I m not a emo guy. Our life is filling with hope all the times it is just depending how we going to treat it. 

Whenever i think i m not qualified n prepare i will not going in plan. But why people always looking down and missunderstood me. As a fren said, if u think you are good, you don have to tell how good you are and soon u will prove how good you are. Time will prove everything.I m totally agreed with this and time will prove everything n what i need is chances. Hope everything will be fine and tmr is another great start. 

开什么玩笑!开心又谦卑的 James Liew 回来啦。哈哈哈~