Friday, December 30, 2016

Colors of Life

How long i have left here actually? By looking back into my last post, it has been 365 and more days I have left my blog here intact. In this last week of 2016, I am here back to clean the dusty blog and today's topic is Colors of Life. So, first of all, what is life? For me, life is a process, a process where we are firstly formed from an ejaculated fluid and then swim through all the processes and grow up to become a youngster, teenager then adult and finally get old and rest in peace. Along the processes, we add in a lots of elements. We are granted the chances to experience sweet, sour, bitter and tough life.

For my life, what would it be like? Enjoying all the tastes of life? For the end of 2016, i felt glad that i have finally achieved one of my main goal in life where I turn my promises into reality by providing my family a new shelter. Bitterness has finally paid its efforts.

For me, moving house is not an easy task as the buying part, renovation part and furnishing part will definitely drive to become crazy. Despair, tiring, helpless and worries filled all the ways up. I bought the house back in 2014 and been saving for 2 years and doing most of the renovation parts by myself and yet it is still not enough! These include of land clearing, grass plantation, plumbing works, lighting and electrical appliances installation, tilling works and etc and yet it is over my budget by double! " Money Fly Fly " I can now officially declare that I am a bankruptcy! This is so called " 财散人安乐"? I can then doing nothing and enjoying my life now? Tougher life is yet to come! LIVE IT ON, James!

Anyhow I felt I am always well blessed and I am thankful for the blessing I have gotten all these while. Rejoice and praise the Lord. Looking forward to the day where I can feel myself revive again! Grant me strength and wisdom. Nevertheless, give thank to 2016 and all the best in 2017. Good things yet to come.

Happy New Year All!