Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye My Friends

Time really seems like flying..I still remember 1 month ago i posted a post entitle 'YEAH I AM BACK' but now it is the time for me to say 'SAD IT IS TIME FOR ME TO GO'

Friends are wonderful,good and marvelous as they accompany me no matter where I go..

And now they all are leaving in these 2 days time..Some of them will be going to Penang, some will be going to Perak, Kedah and Kl..whilst I am leaving too to Johor on tomorrow..
Yi Xiang,Wei Ren, Chee Sheng and Zhen Long will be leaving very soon also..This holidays we enjoyed a lots. I believed! Really don't know when we are going to have such a good holidays again which can gather all friends together..Since after form 5, I think we never have such a good
chance to enjoy,relax and gather like what we are having right now.

Everyday thinking of what plan,what plan and what plan really boring but interesting..After this we got no chance to do this anymore...Really funny when all of us are discussing what plan should be out to do...some of them surely will talk craps and drag away the main points and then got nothing in the ends...

Sigh!!! Time to say bye bye already..I wish to get a university in KL area as i can come back to seremban every week..Since God has putting me in johor, I believe there are HIS wills for me to accomplish..HA Ha

Friends take good care of yourself..We meet again in the coming Chinese New Year Or next year this season again as all of us most probably will be having holidays too.

Good Luck i wish to all of my friends in pursuing their studies..May all your dreams come true..Take care all my friends...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Genting Trip

Yeah! Genting is so refreshing because of its weather..Seremban is damn hot right now and i nearly get burnt at here..Hahaha

So,a bunch of my friends made up their minds so that we could have a trip to a place which is cooler,that is our well-known Genting Highlands..

We had a lots of fun over there..Theme park,games,foods, chit-chatting and much more...It is hard for us to have such a gathering in such a day as everyone of us is busying of our own things..

Coincidently we are having holidays together thus we got this great chance to have a simple trip..

Though it is just a 2days and 1 night trip,but i think it is enough for us..
Friends take good care of yourself and remember to find me when u all are free..^.^
Gathering is much more better than leaving..

University result is going to be out! Wishing that i could get the course i want,May God bless me!
Friends who are leaving to far far places to pursue their studies i wish them all the best in everything..

Take Care!!!