Thursday, July 8, 2010

Going Back

3 months of long holiday finally ended and it's time to get back to the university, a normal life that a teenager should be having.Somehow, my feeling is so complicated at this sudden moment and just hoping that I'm still in the holiday and not going back at this early as I am not ready myself yet actually. Of course, 3 months of holiday is a big and long holiday for most of the people and I am agreed with that too. Somehow, when you are packing up all the necessity and preparing yourself to go back, you will just feel like ' oh my god, this holiday is so short, am I really leaving my sweet home again?' This is what I am undergoing for this moment.

Back to the reality, I am leaving at 3.30pm later and it takes 3 hours to reach the university. By the way, 3 hours journey is not a long distance traveling but it just makes me homesick all the times.This is because I love my family and my home, the warmest place ever. Don't worry much about me as I am able to take care myself well. Hope that I can study well there and get a very good grade for this semester. Promise you mom,I will do my best all the times.For my friends, most of you are going back to your own university too at the end of this week. Do take good care of yourself and meet you guys up again as soon as possible..