Saturday, October 30, 2010

Need HELP!


Friends, I am really really needing you guys to help me for this whole week..For the visitors of my blog, I am requesting for your helps too. Please help me in this because I am currently participating in a contest and needing a lot of voting. I really hope to win it..IF you guys are free and not mind of helping me. Please help me to ask all of your family members and friends at the same time who are having facebook account to vote for me. I will APPRECIATE it very very much. Thanks!!
Follow the Steps below:
Copy this LINK and PASTE it into your browser >>
1: like the page first
2: after you guys have liked the page click this link back again
3:Then you all will see my group name: Dummies Need Iphone
4: Vote for IT
Please help me and ask your friends all along.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Finally, I am back to my lovely hometown. I miss my mom, I miss my home, I miss my room and everything that are inside my house. I had been leaving here for 2 months and I missed this place so much. In order to get myself save up of some money so I have decided not to come back to home that frequent anymore. Thus, I will just pressing down the feeling of mine for homesick whenever I feel like coming home. No jokes, I am freaking poor for this semester and I guess I am one of those who is suffering for serious poverty right now and nearly going for a part time job along the street side.

Recently, for no reasons, I am just feeling so depressive that tending to keep myself isolated from others. What have happened to me? Sigh, sometimes it is really difficult for being mankind. Everything is perplexing and things fickle easily. Seeking someone that is caring, loving and honoring your presence is just like needle in haystack. So far, I only found out one-My MOM~ Therefore, I always promise her I will not letting myself fail in anything and will always take good care of myself. Furthermore, I will be working extremely hard to repay everything she have paid on me.

Soon, I will be leaving and going back to my university again. Final exam is just around the corner-one week after this. I pray to my LORD that everything will just fine and I will be able to get myself prepared and revised to handle every single subject of the examination. Somehow, this will only last for a month starting from now and I will be back again for holiday after this. Cheer up, MAN ~

For the LORD once said that: '' Come to me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest '' (Mathew 11:28) AMEN~