Saturday, June 5, 2010

BBQ Night

BBQ again? Yea! with no doubt I can answer you, we are doing a BBQ again. Some of you must be thinking is it so fun to be organising it over and over again? No choice, It has to be held again. This is because other than doing a BBQ I am stucked with ideas of organising thing for my friend to have a gathering. No matter how, I think having a BBQ is good enough for us as we can actually chat a lot during the event thus we always knowing each others well. Somehow, Yesterday happened to be weird as this is the first time I feel like ending up the event earlier because no topic could be carried out between we boys but not girls as they have their own story to share which only suit them well. All the boys sitting aside quietly and looking at each other with no speech coming out. It ended up to be enjoying looking at the blinking stars on the sky and finding the missing moon. Will it a consequence of meeting up each of us too frequent? No ideas~ I am definitely not blaming here, please do not misunderstood my sentences. I am just telling the situation of the night where the girls were enjoying talking but not for the boys. Why? Because of being single for too long and the contents of our conversation also almost the same for everytime we chat? LOL~ BIG QUESTION MARK!

Anyway,it is good to have this BBQ as some of them are starting their new semester and going back to study next week. Not long after this We from Local university are going back to study also thus seldom will have such chances to meet up everyone again. So, this BBQ acted be to our friendship reconnecting bridge. Wish that the bond will still remaining strongly as time fading.


weiren said...

sanfusai nei la.. i noe what u feel..aiah teman u go cyber stay la if i

SeCReT_JaMeS said...

no alright..c how it is..if ok then we go on wed...XD

Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

Wah so sienz meh? Lols. Must thank you so much lo, so many foods. =] And Jason for the boar.