Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Holiday started two weeks ago, finished exam and now the result is out! Thank God that I still be able to keep myself holding the first class student honour. This is what a terrible honour actually. Whenever the final exam comes it definitely freak me out as I always afraid when I will be losing this honour thus I have to keep myself study really hard in order to maintain it, hope so. This is what so called the life leading by student, Me.

Recently, I heard of my friends saying that James Liew is anti-social. Is that really true? It absolutely NOT. I am not anti-social at all as I am actually having my own stuff to busy with. Additionally, I have changed my life style in certain ways. After 10pm I will not going out or leaving my home anymore. So, friends that really want to meet me up and have a gathering session with me must be dating me out earlier than the time mentioned. Furthermore, I am trying to keep myself leading a healthy life style which means I will go on bed before the clock changing itself from night mode to day light mode.

Besides that, Christmas is drawing nearer. I love this festive season very much. I will just feeling very happy and this kind of unexplainable joy will rise within me whenever it comes to the month of December. This feeling is much more greater than the Chinese New Year festival. Hereby, I want to throw you all an invitation for those who are reading my blog. My church is having a Christmas celebration on the silent night. Never enjoy the Christmas day in the church before? This is the time you give yourself a chance to experience that..haha..If you are interested find me. ^.^

Merry Christmas !!!