Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

At first, I was not intended to write this post but somehow boredom did killed me, seriously. So, in order to keep me alive I blogged. First of all, I want to thank to those friends who attended my church's Christmas celebration upon my invitation and I hope you guys did enjoyed the performances. I felt very happy and encouraged too for you guys' attendance and the conversation we had on that night.

On the other hand, time passes fast and there are only 2 days left for this year. In short, this is also indicating that my holiday is ending soon which is the moment hated by most of the students in this world. No matter what, this is what so called life and we just have to live it.

Wish that everyone will treasure the last 2 days of the year 2010 before the new year arrival. Hope that everyone will be having a new start, new life and a prosperous NEW YEAR. May GOD bless you all.


The main character of the night, Jesus

Me and church friends, Mathew and Jack

These are the friends who attended the event of the night. Thanks!

My family members

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Holiday started two weeks ago, finished exam and now the result is out! Thank God that I still be able to keep myself holding the first class student honour. This is what a terrible honour actually. Whenever the final exam comes it definitely freak me out as I always afraid when I will be losing this honour thus I have to keep myself study really hard in order to maintain it, hope so. This is what so called the life leading by student, Me.

Recently, I heard of my friends saying that James Liew is anti-social. Is that really true? It absolutely NOT. I am not anti-social at all as I am actually having my own stuff to busy with. Additionally, I have changed my life style in certain ways. After 10pm I will not going out or leaving my home anymore. So, friends that really want to meet me up and have a gathering session with me must be dating me out earlier than the time mentioned. Furthermore, I am trying to keep myself leading a healthy life style which means I will go on bed before the clock changing itself from night mode to day light mode.

Besides that, Christmas is drawing nearer. I love this festive season very much. I will just feeling very happy and this kind of unexplainable joy will rise within me whenever it comes to the month of December. This feeling is much more greater than the Chinese New Year festival. Hereby, I want to throw you all an invitation for those who are reading my blog. My church is having a Christmas celebration on the silent night. Never enjoy the Christmas day in the church before? This is the time you give yourself a chance to experience that..haha..If you are interested find me. ^.^

Merry Christmas !!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Need HELP!


Friends, I am really really needing you guys to help me for this whole week..For the visitors of my blog, I am requesting for your helps too. Please help me in this because I am currently participating in a contest and needing a lot of voting. I really hope to win it..IF you guys are free and not mind of helping me. Please help me to ask all of your family members and friends at the same time who are having facebook account to vote for me. I will APPRECIATE it very very much. Thanks!!
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Monday, October 25, 2010


Finally, I am back to my lovely hometown. I miss my mom, I miss my home, I miss my room and everything that are inside my house. I had been leaving here for 2 months and I missed this place so much. In order to get myself save up of some money so I have decided not to come back to home that frequent anymore. Thus, I will just pressing down the feeling of mine for homesick whenever I feel like coming home. No jokes, I am freaking poor for this semester and I guess I am one of those who is suffering for serious poverty right now and nearly going for a part time job along the street side.

Recently, for no reasons, I am just feeling so depressive that tending to keep myself isolated from others. What have happened to me? Sigh, sometimes it is really difficult for being mankind. Everything is perplexing and things fickle easily. Seeking someone that is caring, loving and honoring your presence is just like needle in haystack. So far, I only found out one-My MOM~ Therefore, I always promise her I will not letting myself fail in anything and will always take good care of myself. Furthermore, I will be working extremely hard to repay everything she have paid on me.

Soon, I will be leaving and going back to my university again. Final exam is just around the corner-one week after this. I pray to my LORD that everything will just fine and I will be able to get myself prepared and revised to handle every single subject of the examination. Somehow, this will only last for a month starting from now and I will be back again for holiday after this. Cheer up, MAN ~

For the LORD once said that: '' Come to me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest '' (Mathew 11:28) AMEN~

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Semester Break

Two weeks of holiday just passed too fast!!
Today is already the last day of the semester break
I have to get myself ready of everything and pack to get back to my university
The feeling of leaving the lovely home always been too hard for me
I am always thankful to GOD for arranging me studying locally
I really loving this piece of land very much

See you guys two months later

Monday, September 6, 2010

Trip to Genting with Coursemates ^.^

This is the first time and also the first trip that I have been came across with my course mates. Due to I am a home-loving little kid so I am always the first who rushing back to the home when there are holidays. Thus, I have missed their trips for times.

It was a 2 days 1 night trip in Genting. Here, I wan to thank Zhi Howe as he is the person who sponsored our accommodation. What a coincident, his birthday fall on that day too. Therefore, we planned to have a surprise birthday celebration for him. Somehow, this planning tiring me up as I was the person in charge of buying the cake and bringing the cake far away from Seremban to Genting. The cake was transported by me via all kinds of public transportation. Luckily the cake was still in a very good condition and remained in shape.Sigh~ Anyways, it was cool. We presented the cake right beside him whilst he was sleeping and we woke him up and sang the birthday song to him..hahaha.. What a mess we were having. We can know it well from the photo down there.. ^.^

Besides that, we also having fun in the outdoor theme park. Due to low season, there were not many people in Genting and we can play the games continuously without any queue at all. It was just marvelous. We ran like kids and keeping ourselves busying with those games there. We all really had fun there.

At last, safe journey and happy holiday I wish to them.... See you guys again 2 weeks later..Take care~The Birthday boy, Zhi Howe

Pirate's Ship

Kenny Bee ^.^

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Semester

This is already the 3rd week of the new semester and again I found nothing special of it.
No ideas, indeed.
Somehow, I am always afraid of going back to the university.
Bad results will ruin my future if I am not doing well in the examinations.
I really hate that very much.
But, this is what so called life and we can only accept it.
Sometimes, it helps to shape a perfect life too.
It depends.
Hope that I can enjoy myself entirely and have a good life for this semester.
Last but not least, I want to know more friends.
Thus, I will not keeping myself always in the room again like what I did last semester..
Its time to make changes.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Going Back

3 months of long holiday finally ended and it's time to get back to the university, a normal life that a teenager should be having.Somehow, my feeling is so complicated at this sudden moment and just hoping that I'm still in the holiday and not going back at this early as I am not ready myself yet actually. Of course, 3 months of holiday is a big and long holiday for most of the people and I am agreed with that too. Somehow, when you are packing up all the necessity and preparing yourself to go back, you will just feel like ' oh my god, this holiday is so short, am I really leaving my sweet home again?' This is what I am undergoing for this moment.

Back to the reality, I am leaving at 3.30pm later and it takes 3 hours to reach the university. By the way, 3 hours journey is not a long distance traveling but it just makes me homesick all the times.This is because I love my family and my home, the warmest place ever. Don't worry much about me as I am able to take care myself well. Hope that I can study well there and get a very good grade for this semester. Promise you mom,I will do my best all the times.For my friends, most of you are going back to your own university too at the end of this week. Do take good care of yourself and meet you guys up again as soon as possible..

Monday, June 14, 2010


My uncle and his wife

Surprise? What surprise? LOL..Let's have a look at the photos I have posted over here then you surely will know what is the surprise I am talking about.
Receiving a gift? Yea, you are right.WOW, you are smart~

My uncle was the owner of the gift and now it is given to me as my birthday present as what he said. It's really shocking when suddenly I was given a gift and being told that it is my birthday gift after 3 months of my official birthday. Curiosity did killed me at the moment and I asked him back to make a confirmation if he mixed things up and remembered my birthday wrongly? Somehow, he claimed that he did not remember it wrongly but just forgot to give me the gift that he had prepared for me 3 months ago..hahaha...Anyway, Really thank you to my uncle.

Number of gifts that I ever received for my passed 20 birthday actually can be summed up easily just by 10 little fingers.I am not saying that friends are not showing their cares towards me but I just don like to celebrate my birthday for no reasons.Somehow, I am so thankful to be having such a caring uncle. Coincidentally, He is also giving me a wanted stuff as I am thinking to get a new purse too at the same time. By the way, the purse given by my uncle looking somewhat weird for me but I am just liking it.

This is the gift ~.~

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Church Camp

What a wonderful 3 days 2 nights camp at Port Dickson,Tiara Beach Resort.The place is very beautiful and I like the hotel's room very much as it is really big and comfortable. Many facilities are prepared over there also such as gymnasium, sauna,volley ball and basketball court,table tennis and not forgetting the malaysia's biggest man-made beach or swimming pool as most of them consider it as a pool rather a beach.Whatever~
During my leisure time, surely I will be spending 30-45 minutes in the gymnasium room wishing that it can helps to build up my body shape. After that, I will be going either for water activities or basketball and lastly of course the sauna room so that it can help to burn my body extra fat away.
Due to the school holiday, there are so many people there. Children running in and out from the pool and many laughters can be heard too. Here, I can claimed that it is a paradise for the children as most of the water activities are specially designed for the kids while adult are actually got nothing much activities but watching at their children and swimming at the meanwhile.

Besides that, Pastor preaching did helped to examine my own characteristic again. Hope that I can improve myself better and better. Really thank you to Pastor Paul for spending his own precious time to attend this church camp far away from Johor and share the God's word with us. He is actually a sicked man and will be undergoing for an operation 2 or 3 weeks later because of stones in his liver. May God Blessing always be with him. Hope that he can regain his healthy body again after the operation. Amen~

Jeff and Me

My old friend, Jack

Jack's brother, Tony. A cute and good looking boy

The youths group photos

The Scenery of the Tiara Beach Resort

The Room's Conditions

Saturday, June 5, 2010

BBQ Night

BBQ again? Yea! with no doubt I can answer you, we are doing a BBQ again. Some of you must be thinking is it so fun to be organising it over and over again? No choice, It has to be held again. This is because other than doing a BBQ I am stucked with ideas of organising thing for my friend to have a gathering. No matter how, I think having a BBQ is good enough for us as we can actually chat a lot during the event thus we always knowing each others well. Somehow, Yesterday happened to be weird as this is the first time I feel like ending up the event earlier because no topic could be carried out between we boys but not girls as they have their own story to share which only suit them well. All the boys sitting aside quietly and looking at each other with no speech coming out. It ended up to be enjoying looking at the blinking stars on the sky and finding the missing moon. Will it a consequence of meeting up each of us too frequent? No ideas~ I am definitely not blaming here, please do not misunderstood my sentences. I am just telling the situation of the night where the girls were enjoying talking but not for the boys. Why? Because of being single for too long and the contents of our conversation also almost the same for everytime we chat? LOL~ BIG QUESTION MARK!

Anyway,it is good to have this BBQ as some of them are starting their new semester and going back to study next week. Not long after this We from Local university are going back to study also thus seldom will have such chances to meet up everyone again. So, this BBQ acted be to our friendship reconnecting bridge. Wish that the bond will still remaining strongly as time fading.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trip To Island Perhentian

After a year of discussion and preparation maybe? The trip has finally worked out. The hardness of making up the decision is the main reason for why this trip was being delayed so many times and some even promised to go at first but stood up lastly Somehow, this island perhentian trip was successfully carried out by 8 of us 2 weeks ago.

The island is very beautiful and its underwater is filled with colorful corals, fish, shells ,stone and much much more. We managed ourselves snorkeling around the island with the lead of our young tour guide and we too having fun riding on the boat.This was a 3 days 2 nights trip and times seem passing really slow over there than the normal ones. Walking on the beach and feel the breeze of the sea is another type of enjoyment that we city people seldom have. Overall, I am quite satisfied with the trip and i think all of us enjoyed this trip as well. XD

The sunrise when we 1st arrived there~

The sky is only beautiful on the 1st day~

Our resort and the beach along the resort

The snorkeling day

On the way heading to our resort by speed boat

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trip To Taiwan

Nothing much to comment about this trip as everyone knows what I will be commenting too, I guessed. Somehow, It was my pleasure to have this opportunity to travel overseas for my end semester vacation together with my coursemates. Really thank to my senior Hoong Pin because without him surely I will not be having such a felicity. Thank You handsome senior. Haha..

This was a 10 days trip and I did visited a lot of places and the weather there was nice just like our Genting Highlands. We spent all of our times efficiently traveling various places that we have planned to go from day to night. We managed ourselves to try out the local food there too. It was nice and delicious but not for the 'smelly tauhu' because I cant even swallow a small piece of it and vomited it out in the end. XD

Lastly, the trip was enjoying and I have posted some of the photos here and for more photos you can refer to my facebook. LOL..